Neonatal pitures

Baby can count as infants from 7 days old age till the time they want to transit the stage to being toddler (so they cannot walk).
We propose some locations and also dresses in order to make the photo more attractive.
Chicken dress, turtle dress, mermaid dress, flower hat, baby beds and seats, and also phones are some examples of out interest in baby photography!
And also we do put more time on taking baby shots. Sometimes it even takes one hour to get just ONE “winning” shot of the baby.

Baby photography Is a little bit different compared to other types of the photography sections.
Because for taking photos of babies we need more time.
For instance we sometimes need to spend time almost one hour just for one photo.
As you know, the baby could begin to cry and it lasts for a long time without any reason and some young parents can’t control their baby.
So we need more time to make better a better situation to continue taking photos.
In addition we need extra time to change several clothes and locations.
And some times the baby is hungry or tired so that the baby need to take a short sleep or have some food.
Indeed a baby photographer should be very patient and be like a hunter to find the best times to take a photo from a baby.