Negahe To photo and film studio (business license number 2739 in Tehran Union Photography) is managed by Mrs. Azimmanesh with more than 20 years of experience in photography and filming.
The studio has variety of shooting areas with different stations such as wedding, family, marine, snowy, child, baby, pregnancy with their specific decorations and clothes.
Variety of themes are being used in the studio such as birthday with several cake miniatures, Christmas, valentines, traditional with their own specific clothes.
Photos can be taken either indoor at the private studio or outdoor in a special garden and mansion for both photography and filming purposes.


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Baby can count as infants from 7 days old age till the time they want to transit the stage to being toddler (so they cannot walk).
We propose some locations and also dresses in order to make the photo more attractive.
Chicken dress, turtle dress, mermaid dress, flower hat, baby beds and seats, and also phones are some examples of out interest in baby photography!
And also we do put more time on taking baby shots. Sometimes it even takes one hour to get just ONE “winning” shot of the baby.






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We can consider the child as a toddler, gaining the ability to start walking.
So, a child photographer should be resembled to a hunter, an artist, a friend, and a playmate in order to snap the best available shot of the child.
We do ask the parents to help us to make the environment comfortable for the child (by bringing in some relatives in the studio).


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The adult photography contains several branches such as wedding, family, fashion, classic, sports, and artistic.
We prepare some special locations for them at the “NegaheTo” studio as an indoor and also in a special garden or mansion an an outdoor photo.